Here is the complete rundown on my car:

1965 fastback, assembled at Metuchen, NJ with a projected build date of April 22, 1965

Data plate is as follows


63B Y 62 22R 22 6 1

Here is a copy of the Manufacturer's statement of origin


Some of these optionsf may have been added by the previous owner, but most of it is original.

This car did not come with a buck tag but I found the build sheet above the drivers side roof line behind the headliner

Picture of what was left of the build sheet

I am currently the 8th owner of the car and it was originally sold at Alexander Ford in Durham, NC. Final price of the car was around $3000. The original owner was from nearby Cary, NC and turned the car back in about 10 months after he bought it. Ironically, he turned it back in on Valentines Day of 1966. Makes me wonder if he went and bought his honey a new car?? The second owner, from Durham, NC, bought the car on March 5, 1966 from the dealership and drove it for a while and then gave it(or sold it) to his son which got titled in his name on November 11, 1966. The car was traded for a Chevrolet of some sort and a Durham, NC lawyer owned it for about 2 months. On Oct 19, 1967 a Durham, NC woman purchased the car and kept it for quite some time. She sold the car to a used car lot on April 2, 1975. Another Durham man bought the car on the 8th of April, 1975 and kept it for a couple of years before selling it to the man I bought the car from. This particular man from Cary, NC bought the car on September 8, 1977. He restored the car shortly after he bought it and used it fordaily transportation as an IBM employee. I met this man at a British car club meeting and discovered he had this car parked in his driveway which had been sitting for some 5+years. I went and looked at the car and bought it on Nov 18, 1993 for the sum of $2000. The rest is history.

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