With much of the car documented and all possible factory markings accounted for, it was time to start putting the thing back together. This can be very intimidating at first, but once I got going it went pretty well. It does take a while to get stuff accomplished.

At the point from here I had finished the red-oxide underneath and painted the engine compartment black. I replicated the factory color overspray on the undercarriage which turned out nicely. I even marked the radiator support with a red markal paint stick like it was and painted over it. It is slightly visible, but I know it is there.

Here are a few snapshots taken during reassembly:

nice vent louver shot

rear shot

dash looking like a dash again

dash with even more stuff in it!

rear interior shot

rear interior shot(other side)

rear brake drum

right front suspension shot

Good pic of white paint on transmission insulator(which is NOS)

C-4 transmission detailed and ready

engine compartment after fresh paint

engine bay coming along...

front shot

nice view of kelsey hayes proportioning valve(note 3 fitting brake line junction)

fresh engine!

engine painted and some accessories attached

ready to drop it in!

wow! almost looks like a mustang monthly shot!

another engine shot

closer engine shot

last pic from sep (1)

last pic from sept (2)

last pic from sept (3)

driveshaft with new stenciled numbers

Most of these pictures were scanned in at a higher resolution to show detail, sorry if they take a while to load.

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